2008: The MYFC project buys Fujieda Nelson CF and renames the club to Fujieda MYFC.

2009: Fujieda MYFC finish 6th in the Shizuoka Soccer League Division 1 (6th tier).

2010: The MYFC project buys Shizuoka FC from the Tokai League Division 1 (4th tier) and merges the two clubs to form Shizuoka Fujieda MYFC. The team takes Shizuoka FC's place in the Tokai League and finishes 1st but fails in the promotion playoffs.

2011: The club finishes 1st again and this time gains promotion to the JFL via the playoffs. They then drop the 'Shizuoka' from the name and return to being just Fujieda MYFC.

A bit of history on the former clubs: Shizuoka FC began as Yamakiya Club in 1970 and later became Shizuoka Yamakiya before becoming Shizuoka FC in 2001. I don't know when Fujieda Nelson was formed but it was some time before 1999. The 'Nelson' comes from the Brazil-born former Japan international player Nelson Yoshimura (you can read more about him

). I'm not sure if he played any part in the formation of the club or if it was just named that way in homage to him. He played his whole career in Osaka so it seems odd that he had a club named after him in Shizuoka.

Here's the league history of the three clubs. I've only started at 2002 as the regional and prefectural leagues were re-organised that year and I'm not sure how the structure was before that and there's not much info available from before then anyway.

20123Japan Football League11th
20114Tokai League, Div.11st
20104Tokai League, Div.11st
20096Shizuoka Soccer League, Div.16th

Fujieda Nelson

20086Shizuoka Soccer League, Div.17th
20076Shizuoka Soccer League, Div.17th
20066Shizuoka Soccer League, Div.12nd
20056Shizuoka Soccer League, Div.12nd
20046Shizuoka Soccer League, Div.13rd
20036Shizuoka Soccer League, Div.13rd
20026Shizuoka Soccer League, Div.11st

Shizuoka FC

20094Tokai League, Div.13rd
20084Tokai League, Div.11st
20074Tokai League, Div.11st
20064Tokai League, Div.12nd
20054Tokai League, Div.11st
20044Tokai League, Div.13rd
20034Tokai League, Div.11st
20024Tokai League, Div.11st
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