The updates to the website are coming along nicely with all match data dating back to 1993 now restored.

During the restore a few errors were spotted and duly fixed. Extra data was also added with all yellow and red cards now added as well as unused substitutes for all matches. More data is planned to be added soon to further add to what we already have.

The first way of accessing the data is also now available with the profile pages for all 224 players to have ever been part of the club now online. Pages for all current squad members can be viewed as usual from the squad page (pages for all past squads will be added soon) or you can also head over to our new history page for a link to a list of all the players (as well as a brief club history and list of honours).

The profile pages themselves now have an overview of the full stats for each player’s Gamba career as well as a drop down box, which allows you to select a club to get an overview of the player’s performance against that club as well as a list of all the times that the player has been selected for a match against that club.

Look out for more new ways of accessing the data in the coming weeks as we will continue to build the site up. If you have any suggestions for ways that you would like to be able to access the data then please get in touch!

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